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Project Description
Facebook Linq to Fql makes it easier for facebook developers to work with facebook data.
You’ll no longer have to use untyped Fql queries.
Instead, you can work with compiled Linq queries using the Facebook object model.
This project is developed in C# 3.0 as part of the CodeRun Online IDE.

Online Example with Source Code

Example 1: (Linq Query Syntax)
var db = new FacebookDataContext();
var friendIDs = from friend in db.friend_info where friend.uid1 == db.uid select friend.uid2;

Example 2: (Linq Method Syntax)
var db = new FacebookDataContext();
var friendsIDs = db. friend_info.Where(t => t.uid1 == db.uid).Select(t => t.uid2);

  • Type checking of queries at compile time.
  • Autocomplete on queries at design time.
  • Using Facebook / anonymous objects for query results.

More information can be found in this CodeProject article.

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